A few days ago, sitting by the lake, I realized how beautiful sunsets could be! Yup, took my time, 21 years and about 9 months to be precise.

Not that I haven’t watched a sunset before. I have. Several times. By the beach, from the terrace, from hills. But that feeling didn’t stay with me until a few days ago.

Always puzzled by the question whether I am a day person or a night person? Because often I would wake up before dawn and run through the city, with or without company, and watch the sky change colours at sunrise. Watch it turn purple from black; to violet, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow and clear white. And however fantastical this may sound, I would watch it every day and smile at how it looks like a child is told to paint the sky but cannot decide which colour it should be.

And I wouldn’t have known the child is not indecisive for the simple fact that the child is doing this not only every day but also every evening when the sun sets. The sky turns from clear white to blue, yellow, orange, red, violet, purple and black until the darkness covers it up. It makes me realize a traveller’s heart isn’t filled with running all around the place and rather with profound experiences.

Now I’m struck by that sunset at the lake until there’s another.


Charlie Brown Sunset
Some days, a beautiful sunset with your best friend can be one of the most peaceful and relaxing meditations of the day.

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