A city of lights, beauty, traffic and love. A city where every corner has a story and every other person has a magical smile. Every day you look through it, the more you fall in love with the city.

As we talk about the garden city, it is impossible to forget the huge lung spaces of the Cubbon park or the flower shows at Lalbagh. Not only does it has spectacular gardens but also possess miracles in every temple round the corner. The incredible bus service here is surely a great advantage. A Volvo is all you need to travel on a hot summer day.

A walk down the bustling streets of Brigade Road, Commercial street or eyeing over the high towers of UB city will let you know how inclusive the city is! It is also one of those few cities to keep the theatre alive. The Ranga Shankara which promotes theatre in all languages has seen over 2,700 performances so far.

Visiting Bangalore would be a complete loss if you didn’t try out the world’s best dosa at CTR or Vidyarthi Bhavan. From relishing a heavenly breakfast at the Brahmin’s Cafe or the Janata Hotel to walking down the food street at V.V. Puram for some of the season’s best fair. Bisibelebath to bhelpuri composing the best food, it will always leave you craving for more.

We all know a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. But in this case, it’s ‘filter kaapi’. The wafting aroma of piping filter kaapi will drive you crazy. And nothing can beat the value of ‘by 2’ coffee where you get almost 2 cups for the price of 1.

As you walk through this magical city, you will realise that people here are pretty pious to fights. They want peace and love. Moving through the crowds filled with beautiful people with their shopping bags, this not so little city will make you addicted. Malls across every street, culture across every corner. After all, what we can say is “swalpa adjust madi”.