Greece is trending, it has been trending for quite sometime and I feel very fortunate to finally set my foot on this island. It is the one country that I wanted to visit ever since childhood, the white houses, the colourful doors and the blue church domes caught me even as a child. And I have to say Greece is beating my expectations, not just in terms of beauty but also in terms of experience,  and this is huge, huge beyond words. Our first stop was Mykonos, a shining jewel in Greece’s crown.

This island I tell you looks out of a fairytale, I mean every few steps, every corner is picture perfect, like from a Pinterest board or something. I really had a hard time because I would walk a few steps and had to stop because the next scene was even prettier than the last one, narrow lanes of white houses with colour doors, windows and handrails beautifully adorned by the most gorgeous bougainvillea. And of course the typical Greek churches with their colour domes adding more character to the place.

Mykonos is not a big place and its possible to go from one end to the other in 30 mins by car.

Best time to visit –
From my visit I will 100% recommend visiting in May end-June start for 2 reasons

  1. The weather has warmed up enough to let you enjoy the island.
  2. Less tourists so you actually enjoy the island.

You know what I am trying to say right. Even in may end there were many tourists and I can’t even imagine what the scene will be like in the main season from July-September. One last advice, even if you only have dates for the touristy months of July-September please don’t go in the weekends, it will be tough really tough to have peace as a lot of people from Europe also Greek people from other places come to Mykonos to party.

How to get there –
Mykonos has an airport with flights to and from Athens almost every hour. There are flights to European cities but the days are restricted so check in advance. Ferry service from various ports in Athens to Mykonos is great, maximum frequency is in the morning and you can choose from the super fast taking 2.30 hours and also more expensive (around 50 euros) to normal around 5 hours. We obviously took the super fast.

How to go around –
Public transport is great and economical, options are sea boat (€ 2 both ways, last one leaving the old town at 7 pm) and bus. Sea boat runs every hour and bus has good service as well. Alternatively you can rent a car (around € 80 per day) motor bike or quad (€ 30 per day). The old town specially Chora and main street (Matoyianni) can only be done on foot.


What to see –

  1. Get lost in the old town- so much beauty and character all around, do not follow any pattern just go wherever your heart takes you so you make your your hidden discoveries. Courtyards, residential lanes and colourful houses.
  2. The windmills – Mykonos is a very windy island and windmills are obvious, there are quite a few all over Mykonos but a cluster of 5 is on the hill near the old town.
  3. Nikos tavern square – hustling and bustling with activity, a beautiful church (with a red dome) on one side and gingham check tablecloth clad tables of Nikos on the other.
  4. Little Venice – The Mykonos version of Venice is quite charming as well, there are many boutique shops and some high street fashion brands as well if you like to shop.
  5. Beaches – Santo Stefano and Megali Ammos both quieter  but in opposite directions of the old town. 
  6. The ancient columns near Anna Agias church.
  7. There are a zillion other places but most without names so go, explore and see for yourself.

Where to eat –
Mykonos is one place where you can just go without any research on eating places because its literally loaded with great ones. Nikos tavern in the old town-I had the fish of the day (roasted skate) and Vaibhav had octopus in wine sauce, both yum. Joanna’s Nico tavern on Magali Ammos beach-fava, grilled octopus, the best pita ever, pork with rice, fried aubergine and of course the Greek salad. Limnios Tavern near  Santo Stefano beach-the food here was so delish we ate both our dinners there-grilled silver snapper, mashed eggplant, pork sausage rolls, grilled shrimps they always serve fresh seasonal fruits after the meal.

Where to stay –
We booked our apartment on Airbnb and it was a good experience, the Greek people are welcoming and the properties are well maintained and clean. If hotels are more your type, we passed by Mykonos Bay hotel near Magali Ammos beach and it looked great and had a great view.

Shopping –
Many high end fashion brands like Louise Vuitton, Balenciaga as well luxury cosmetics can be shopped. Little Venice has many boutique shops and also a few high street brands like Benetton.

Best Sunset points / Views –

  1. Little Venice, from the many cafes/bars/restaurants, also there are a few benches in between the wind mills and little Venice that you can grab if you reach early.
  2. Wind mills there are quite a few but a great view of the sunset is from the ones near little Venice on the hill in Chora and at the harbor of Alefkandra.
  3. The Mykonos harbour – reach early to get a prime spot on the benches and also from the cafes/ restaurants there.
  4. Castle Panigirakis – actually a hotel so even if not staying you can go there for drink to catch the sunset.
  5. Paraportiani church (a full white church with staircase near Nikos tavern in the old town) just go behind the church and you have a quite spot overlooking the glistening Aegan sea.
  6. Great view of the old town from the sea boat.
  7. From the road up hill near Megali Ammos Beach (a quieter part of the town).


Mykonos is one of the most chilled out Greek islands in the Cyclades, blessed with sunshine, clear water and in my opinion the maximum character.

Any travel plans to Mykonos? Share your experience if you have already been there! Hope this post is helpful. Thank you for stopping by, see you with my next.

Love Chichi

This article was first published on The Style Tune on 6 June, 2017.