The Ranwar Trails


Explore a heritage enclave that is well within the heart of the Queen of Mumbai’s Suburbs- Bandra. As you take a stroll through Ranwar Village, the voyager is very easily taken into a historical era that is not far away in time and still interacts with us on a day to day basis. This walk shall begin at St Andrew’s Church and end at Ranwar Village Square.

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Ranwar Trails

Ranwar Village is a 400-year-old traditional East Indian Christian Settlement also known as “Gaothan” in the heart of Bandra. Initially, Ranwar Village consisted of several agricultural fields but now houses several pretty bungalows that stand as a stark contrast to the concrete jungles of Mumbai. Over time Ranwar Village has also seen lots of Graffiti works on its walls that is done by popular wall artists from across the world. Also, Ranwar Village is known for charitable contribution funds that are around 150 years old. The bonding of the residents of Ranwar is also very strong like a close-knit community and have implemented several schemes for the benefit of its residents. In the first week of December, Ranwar Village also celebrates a festival to usher in the Christmas festive season. In this manner, Ranwar Village offers an urban dweller a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of town while still retaining a central location. This walk shall begin at St Andrew’s Church which is 400-year-old.

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About Owen

OwenMr. Owen has been a resident of Ranwar Village from his childhood and is acquainted with all the historical tid bits and trivia of the place. He is sure to get you close to the History and Culture of Ranwar.

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