Qutub Ki Dilli


The Qutub complex beautifully amalgamates the secular and experimental arts of calligraphy, architecture and planning. This walk covers an important chunk of Delhi’s history with respect to the establishment of Slave Dynasty along with its art and architecture and the fate of the Qutub complex with time.

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Qutub Ki Dilli

With the fall of the Rajput kingdom in 1192, a new class of elite Turks started ruling over the local population in Delhi. As if to signal the change, the new rulers embarked immediately on erecting a grand mosque and a victory tower in Delhi, their chosen seat of power. The collective Qutub Complex houses over 12 monuments and is a delight for photographers and history buffs alike.

We shall talk about Indo Islamic architecture, Calligraphy, Symbolism, Planning, Restoration, Stories and Fables and old-time politics while taking a pleasant walk around the campus.

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