The Oval Contrast


Walk around the popular Oval Maidan in South Mumbai, where we shall be greeted with two contrasting architectural styles, Art Deco and Victorian Neo-Gothic. Such a unique sight is one of its kind in the world. A glance shall also be cast on several events, places, and stories that have shaped the city of Mumbai.

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Availability: Fridays, 5:30 PM – 7 PM.



Oval Contrast

Join me on a journey of this unique stretch on which thousands of people pass daily but due to time constraints determined by local train timings fail to acknowledge.

Highlights –

  1. An area named after one of the three gates of Bombay Fort
  2. A holy well
  3. Mahatma Gandhi’s Teacher
  4. A recently extinct mode of communication associated with tragedy.
  5. High Houses Of Justice and Learning
  6. The Indian Big Ben
  7. Readymoney
  8. A traffic park
  9. A Bandstand Not In Bandra
  10. A non-existent railway line
  11. A Greek God and Cinema
  12. An Architectural Style where Mumbai ranks second only to Miami

Additional Information

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General guidelines –

  1. Reach the meeting place on time!
  2. The walking stretch is about 2 km. Wear comfortable shoes. Be fit and fresh!
  3. Washroom facilities are available en route! 
  4. All guests are required to be a part of a group and avoid going out on their own as this experience shall be through certain narrow lanes.

Meeting point will be disclosed once you book the experience.

About Siddhartha

SiddharthaI am a pure Mumbaikar by heart and soul. Always helpful. Born and brought up in heart of the town. I am a post graduate in Industrial Psychology and am a student of the city’s most prestigious and famous St. Xavier’s College. I love Indian culture, mythologies and to explore stories hidden within various communities and places! Due to my immense knowledge and experience through travelling, I am literally called as ‘an encyclopedia of Indian Railways’ among friends! Many times, I simply travel solo and explore local transportation, known and unknown pilgrimages, scenic places in Mumbai & Maharashtra.

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  1. Once booked, the experience needs to be scheduled for a date within 14 days from the date of booking.
  2. Experience can be cancelled within 2 days from the date of booking by contacting us via phone or email.
  3. Refund would be processed to the respective bank account within 15-20 working days.
  4. Refund Amount = Total Booking Cost – Payment Gateway Fee.
  5. Read all terms and conditions for more information.

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