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Since 1341, Kochi had been attracting the attention of the world for its black gold or pepper. The Greeks, Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, and British wanted a share of this million dollar business in the heyday. Over the period of 500 years the city of Fort Cochin had transferred hands from three major powers and what they left behind is well, history but also huge heritage. We’ll go to the streets of the Fort and share the stories of what went on from the time of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British who converted this small town into the finest European colonial settlement outside of Europe.

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Fort Kochi

We will chart out the old walls and well laid out streets of Manuel Kotta or Fort Manuel and time travel through its years of history and heritage that was left behind by the colonists.

Starting from the icon of Cochin, the Chinese fishing nets, we examine the walls, streets, alleys, buildings, personalities and their stories that weave into the fabric of the Fort. You’ll leave the walk awe-inspired with the storyline playing in your head like a graphic novel that spans 500 years and more.

Highlights –

  1. The first hotel in Cochin.
  2. The house of the most outspoken Jew of Cochin.
  3. Story behind the Tower Road.
  4. Hidden tunnels of escape.
  5. A Basilica that moved places but still stands.
  6. A Museum that cherishes the legacy of the Portuguese.
  7. The Lighthouse and the man who lived beside it.
  8. Resting place of the Netherlanders.
  9. Hortus Malabaricus and the tale of Dutch redemption.
  10. The oldest European church in India.
  11. Humble abode of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama.
  12. The last remaining Bastion of the Dutch.

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General Guidelines –

  1. Reach the meeting place on time!
  2. The walking stretch is 2-3 km. Wear warm clothes, comfortable shoes and carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Be fit and fresh!
  3. Photography is allowed at all spots except where mentioned.

Meeting point will be disclosed once you book the experience.

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