Compass Clue Hunt

Compass Clue Hunt


Compass is an immersive clue hunt organised during the Heritage Weekend with an aim to educate the community about the rich culture and heritage of Fort. Clues are spread across the Fort precinct and will involve participants to engage in real-time tasks and activities to solve their clues. This one-time experience also marks the World Earth Day and we aim to reduce our carbon footprints by allowing participants to travel only by foot or BEST buses. Join us for this amazing experience in #FindingFort. Book your slots now. Limited Teams only.

Early bird (10 teams): INR 1999 / team of 2

Date: Sunday, 26th August 2018
Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

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Additional Information

  • Participants would be provided with beverages to stay hydrated throughout the Clue Hunt.
  • BEST daily pass would be given to every participant to commute around Fort area with ease. It can be used even after the Clue Hunt ends.
  • Winners and Runner-ups would receive prizes worth up to ₹75,000.
  • Stay updated with pre-clue hunt activities to win awesome prizes on our Facebook Event Page and Instagram.
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  1. Team strictly needs to be of 2 participants.
  2. The minimum age of participation is 14 years.
  3. All the clues and activities are within the premise of Fort area, South Mumbai.
  4. Teams can only commute on foot or by BEST buses throughout the Clue Hunt. Use of private transportation or Taxis is strictly prohibited.
  5. Clue Hunt would start from 8:00 am and finish at 1:00 pm.
  6. All participants would be given a Compass wristband which needs to be worn throughout the Clue Hunt.
  7. Clues would be distributed partly via Instagram and partly at physical location.
  8. At certain checkpoints, participants would be asked to perform activities and only on completion of the particular activity would they receive the next clue.


  1. Once booked, the tickets cannot be cancelled or transferred.
  2. Transfer of tickets for profit is strictly prohibited.
  3. Read all terms and conditions for more information.