Chandni Chowk Food Diaries

Chandni Chowk Food Diaries


The path to a City’s heart is through its stomach. And the stomach of Kolkata is Chandni Chowk. Imagine yourself, walking down the Dacres Street (a lane congested only with food stalls) on a beautiful summer’s morning. The flavours of the street causes unbearable rat-races in your stomach. So when you enter one such street restaurant you realise… Yes! We both know what happens next!

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Chandni Chowk Food Diaries

Chandni Chowk is a very popular destination in Kolkata for its electronic bazaar (market). But the other reason for its fame is the street food. We shall be starting with the starters of Chandni Chowk, for instance, the famous Kachuri and Jilipi with Sugarcane juice in the Dacres Street. If you are not really fond of Indian Starters, we will have Sandwiches with an Indian Tadka available just anywhere in the Dacres Street.

For the main course of the buffet, we will go to Waterloo Street and indulge in a variety of Chinese Cuisine. For Thai Cuisine there is a popular place called the Crystal Chimney. To taste the royalty of the Mughal Raj in India one must try the special biriyani from a local Biryani outlet (rumour has it, that their biriyani recipe is a secret that they have had with them since the 16th century). Apart from just Biriyani, we could also indulge in other Mughal cuisines like Mutton Rezala or Firni.

And last but not the least, the desserts of Kolkata like Mishti Doi, Rossogolla, Makha Sondesh, Rabri, will fill your heart with the sweetness that you won’t forget in a lifetime.

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About Mainak

MainakBorn and brought up in the heart of the city, Kolkata has become a part of my soul. Every street of Kolkata offers a magical flavour of football, food and ethnicity. Its culture comprises every detail of urban mixed with the rural, old mixed with the new. Exploring Kolkata has been, for me, exploring Life.

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