Bally: The Missing Link


Situated next to the famous Belur Math, each alleyway of Bally has a tranquil life going on within itself. A unique experience of how the modern culture is creeping into the traditional spirit of urban Bengal as well as the beautiful contrast between these two will captivate you, not to mention the delicious street food we shall taste during our journey.

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Bally: The Missing Link

Bally, a town founded around the 14th century on the banks of the river Hoogli, is a witness to a great many historical records, ranging from the construction of the Grand Trunk Road to the construction of one of the four main units of the gas pipeline in the colonial Calcutta. But as civilization progressed in its own pace, this town also witnessed a degeneration of local culture, while some of the relics of this past time have survived throughout the years. Though Bally, having more population density than it’s mother town, has four railway stations in the region, it’s premier beauty lies in and around the Ghats, the riverbanks which bear the testimony of this unique contrasting scape of the soul of Bally, reverberated through the intricate memories flowing with the Hoogli from time immemorial.

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About Sumitro

I am born and brought up in Bally, a small town in Howrah. Bally, according to Wikipedia, has a greater population density than her mother city, Kolkata. I am an avid listener of world music, love to watch films of different countries and of course, love to travel everywhere as a native myself.

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