(Giggles and splashes water on each other) They play all tanned over the sea tides, rocking the gushes of the water. “Our vacations have started; we love coming here and swim in the sea. I love teasing Sayna,” says Priyanka, as she splashes more water on her. Meanwhile, Sravani and Sneha exchange a laugh.

Black Sand Beaches

Loosely knit, somewhere on the far off marshy lands, stranded at a distance from all the chaotic urbanized cities lies the beautiful tiny town of Vasai with subtle black sand beaches lined by the coastline. This tiny little cozy beach town has promised to be my home for a good time of seven years. However, the last few days I spent in here were never like before!

They were more of waking up to the golden skies spread with vibrant colors of the Sunrise amidst chasing sea waves and diving in joy and glee as every tide washed off the sand grains from my feet while the Sun sets off the orange and peach sea waters.

The Sun is warm, the rays glisten and form tiny stars as it falls off the water. I loose track of time. There’s no rush, no chase. It’s all under just one pace. Entirely.

With every long stroll past the stretches of the black sand coast, I sense the shells and the conches prickle and tickle my feet. A mild breeze flows playing and caressing my hair, there’s salt in my hair and sand in the air. But, it’s all blissful and joyous, all worthy and priceless. The beach gathers me more of musings as I choose to immerse in the sea and glaze upon the far off horizons where the sky meets the sea.

It seems impossible to meet the edges. It’s difficult to guess where the sea and the sky are two different shapes of nature’s body. It inseparable yet beautiful. It signifies one soulful love between the two.

I wonder how beautifully the two conjoin together to be one. How beautifully nature beholds messages uncountable and how easily it conveys it to us.

I wonder, wonder a little more of how wonderful the world could’ve possibly been a beautiful and a soulful place to live if we stayed, lived and acted just like the two individuals conjoined in harmony and fraternity.

Maybe, then, there could’ve been more laughter and smile all over to look around at.

There’s life. Life not just in the beings but it’s contained more in the tiny little things around us. Probably, we miserably fail to experience those. Or maybe, we are too engrossed in seeking happiness around us than actually feeling it in every part of our life.

Black Sand Beaches
Suruchi Beach

Essential Information —

  • Vasai Road, formerly known as Bassein, is a coastal town on the outskirts of Mumbai at a distance of 70km approx which can be easily accessed by the ‘Virar’ local trains heading from Churchgate.
  • Beaches Covered: Suruchi Beach, Bhuigaon Beach, Kalamb Beach, Stretches of the Vasai Docks.
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