The idea of having experiences based on spoken words without visiting the actual locations revolved in our minds for quite a while before Siddhartha, Awestrich Native and Native Manager, gave the first Awestrich Talk at Nana Nani School in Girgaon earlier this Tuesday.

Nana Nani School is an initiative for people over 60 years of age to come together every day from 4 pm to 6 pm and involve in something constructive such as music, yoga, technology, social media and current affairs.

Awestrich Talks

Every guest who has attended Parivartak – Social Reform Walk has had a great experience. We were thrilled to hear from Nana Nani School to conduct a walkthrough of Parivartak for their school. This was a great opportunity for us to reach out to the older generation and give them a unique experience of a place they have grown up at.

Parivartak is an experience which takes you to a journey from Saguna (tangible) to Nirguna (intangible). It tells you the story of lesser-known social reformers who dared to stand up for their rights and challenge harmful and obsolete practices of their day and age. This 3 km walk familiarises you to the intangible heritage of Mumbai.

As the guests would not be able to walk such a distance, we switched the locations to photographs and the walk to talk. We had around 50 guests for the evening sitting in a classroom eager know their own city better. These were the people who knew the social reformers closely while growing up but were unaware of the impact these reformers made during their time.


It turned out to be an awesome experience for us too. We learned about the social culture and values and how they have evolved in time. At the end of the talk, they encouraged us to have more related experiences and Awestrich Talks.

We were glad to have an amazing audience and are now ready to kickstart Awestrich Talks. More unique and immersive experiences will come soon on Awestrich. Stay Tuned.