Graffiti Workshop With NME

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The workshop will consist of a small introduction on the history of graffiti, street art, and murals, pointers for creative thinking and on how to start with the first step of spray painting – formulating the idea through sketching. We then progress to the next step which is to show how a spray can work and after all is said and learned.

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Graffiti Workshop With NME

Graffiti is an art. It is the process of taking what we have in our hearts and putting it up on a wall. It spreads an idea. It tells our story to a larger audience.

Graffiti comes from the Italian word graffere, which means ‘to scratch on a surface.’ This ‘scratching’ can be done on any surface with any implement, permanent or not. Today we have come to know graffiti as ‘illicit application of a medium to the surface.’ These media can include spray painting, pencil, stickers, charcoal etc.

I believe that each day in our life is precious and that we should learn something new each day.

Through this workshop, I want to interact with interesting individuals and pick up some tips and tricks of life. At the same time, I aim to deliver a basic understanding of Graffiti and spray cans through our 4-hour session. If I can teach people my art and pass on my skills there is no greater joy. Above all, I want participants to be inspired to think creatively and have the motivation to paint.

If you pass through the streets of Mumbai and pay attention to the walls you can sometimes see my name on the walls – NME. At other times you will see pair wings or a funny face peering out from a corner at you. I have been painting the streets for a few years now and have taken my art to different corners of the city. From private homes to restaurants, water parks, and offices. Anything that can be sprayed painted on is fair game.

Commercial work aside, it is art that is used to enrich the lives of children that gives the most satisfaction to me. My work for Janwaar Castle in Madhya Pradesh was featured in Hindustan Times. I have also worked with the kids in Dharavi through SlumGods and was extremely proud of my piece in the Space Expedition project with Wicked Broz at IIT Bombay.

Inclusion –  Native Fees  ♦  1 Spray Can  ♦  2 Marker Pens  ♦  1 Sketchbook  ♦  Snacks

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About NME

NMEI am a graffiti artist from Mumbai. I have been doing graffiti for the past five years. I started out with representing myself through tags and throwies across Mumbai. However, in the last few years my work with SlumGods in Dharavi and collaborations with Wicked Broz Zake, Mooz and international crews like Keep It Real from Brazil, Wome from Sweden and Dreph form UK have helped me develop my own style where I combine fun characters with calligraphy.
When I am not injecting wickedness into walls I like to skateboard in my hood, listen to hip hop and chill with my buddies.

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